Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Growing Up!

I can't believe I have a 12 week old.  I honestly can't believe it.

Life is different.  Life is exhausting.  Life is perfect.

Cooper had his 2 month appointment a few weeks ago and it went pretty well. 
His stats:
Height - 23.5 inches
Weight - 14 pounds 7 ounces

He is in the 85th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight.  His head circumference was off the charts!  Apparently he's got a giant noggin.  Who knew?  Oh yeah - me - the one who pushed it out ;)

While he's not really on a schedule, or sleeping through the night, I feel as though we've got a good routine going together.  I feel calm when I'm taking care of him by myself while Mark is at work versus feeling a bit floundered, scared, and anxious.  I trust myself with him and he trusts me back.  It's a great feeling.

I'm also feeling as though Mark and I are finding each other as husband and wife again - not just tag team parents so someone can always be catching up on sleep. 

Because while I may not get make up on everyday, or even put on jeans, the cooing baby in the background will always remain number one.  And I'm more okay with it now more than ever.

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  1. :-) I look forward to the day when Stu and I have more time to each other. Right now, like you said, we are just a tag team and getting through the night. Cooper is just so adorable!!