Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Minor Chaos

Well the last few weeks were definitely busy with everyone staying here.  Emily left with Bella and Ace on Saturday morning so there are a few less people and barkers in the house now :)  It's nice and quiet!

While Michael was taking Emily down to my parents, Mark and I painted the nursery!  And for the very first time, things definitely feel real.  The paint is perfect and Mark did a fantastic job making sure it was pretty perfect in there!  Only one snafoo, we ran out of blue paint on the last wall, but it wasn't anything a quick trip to Menards couldn't fix.  Of course, since we had to empty the nursery to paint, the camera got lost in the shuffle.  I did take a few photos on my phone, so at least the transition was documented somewhere!  Once the paint it all dry, in a few weeks, and things all get put away, camera pics will be up for sure.

I had another doctor's appointment last week and all is well with momma and babe :)  I left feeling settled and excited, like I always do after hearing the babe's heartbeat.  Strong and in the 130s.  People keep making their gender guesses based on the heartbeat, so I always make sure to tell family what it was and listen to their reasons!  I also left with a prescription for Zantac - thank goodness - and I finally feel fantastic.  But I'm also thankful that the only pretty bad pregnancy symptom I've had so far is heartburn.  That I can deal with - for sure.

I also finally faced my fear and had an eye exam done yesterday.  Terrifying.  But I am glad to say it was not as bad as I had envisioned.  I survived!  But I also had to get glasses...something I wasn't too excited about.  On the bright side, I don't need to wear them all the time.  They're just reading/computer/driving glasses whenever I feel necessary.  Mark kept looking at me weird yesterday saying "I'm not used to seeing you in glasses."  I just keep hoping there was a compliment in there somewhere ;)

A big blizzard is on it's way so I am stoked to be home from work for the day and ready to brave the storm!  I am not very happy that Mark had to travel last minute for work to South Dakota, where the storm is really bad, for the rest of the week.  It's hard enough missing him for 5 days, but you had scary weather here and there and I'm definitely pretty anxious.  Michael is here to help, but of course working late so I hope the power stays on and my lovely neighbor helps snow blow our driveway so I can make it to work tomorrow.  Or maybe not...;)

All in all the mood in the Nightingale house is good, momma is good, dad is good, & most importantly - babe is good :)

Monday, February 13, 2012


The Nightingale household has taken on a few changes - hence the lack of post updates.

Emily and Michael have decided to move back to the cities and be by our parents.  Turns out they needed a place to stay during the transition.  So in the matter of a few days we doubled the amount of humans and tripled the amount of dogs in our home.  It's very barky in here!

I've discovered a new addiction - How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.  I always told myself I would love this show, but wanted a way to watch it from the beginning.  It's like the Netflix Gods heard me and POOF!  New entertainment for Kellie!

After moving Emily and Michael on Saturday, I thought for SURE Mark would just want to hang out on Sunday.  Turns out, he's gotten bit by the "nesting bug" too and really wanted to do a project.  So off to Menard's we were - again.  We ended up putting a few extra storage shelves in our utility room for extra storage, (something this house lacks) and redid the closet in the nursery.  Before the inside of the closet looked like this:

 The shelves that were inside only reached about halfway across.  This room is pretty small and seemed like such a waste of space.  We just purchased longer and deeper shelves and then repositioned them so the bottom two shelves will be able  to have hanger rods underneath doubling the amount of clothes we will be able to hang inside.

We also put a 6 hole cubby system on the bottom.  Perfect for toys, books, and anything else the kiddo might want to access easily. 

After pictures will be up sometime this week - of course it will be before the paint job, but you'll get the idea.  Mark has one more project he will be working on this even so I haven't busted out the camera yet ;)

There's also something else that might be changing - a HUGE MIGHT!  It would potentially make our life very busy for the next few months, but we'll see!

So for now, I"ll finish my caffeine free Diet Coke and watch TV while - GASP - all THREE dogs are currently napping :)