Monday, June 11, 2012

My Second Home

Essentia Health feels as though it has officially become  my second home.  These weekly appointments are a lot to take in!

So here's how they've shaken down in the last 3 weeks:

36 weeks:
Full blood work again - gotta love getting pricked in my bad veins.  But this lady only had to try about 4 times.  Go her!  And of course, another urine sample.
Go upstairs and wait.  Get called back, weighed, blood pressure taken, and wait some more for the doctor to come in.  Doctor comes in and we did the Group B Strep test - which I tested negative for -, measured fundal height - 38 - and heartbeat - 147.  Quick ultrasound to make sure baby is head down and it sure was!  Baby and Momma doing great - go home see you next week.

37 weeks:
Urine sample.  Go upstairs and wait.  Get called back, weighed, blood pressure taken, and wait some more for the doctor to come in.  Doctor & med student come in and ask me  tons of questions and check my swelling.  She noticed my belly looked different and wanted to make sure baby had found a good "new" place to hang out and wasn't in any form of distress.  Another ultrasound for us!  Baby was practice breathing, got the hiccups, and did a full somersault for us.  What a ham already!  Fundal height - 39 - heartbeat - 143.  No more questions on my end - see you next week!

38 weeks:
Urine sample.  Go upstairs and wait.  Get called back, weighed, blood pressure taken, and a few more questions from the nurse this time.  Just to make sure we were organized they got Daddy's name, and had me double check my blood type, gestational diabetes results, rhogam administration, group b strep results, the whole 9 yards.  Feels good we are all on the same page!  Wait for doctor to come in.  fundal height - 40 - heartbeat - 135.  Doctor makes sure I know to call or come in when my water breaks, when the cramping because frequent, for any bleeding, or any other questions.  Everything checks out - see you next week if not in labor and delivery before then :)

As you can see - same routine over and over again.  Labs, measurements, any questions, see you later.  Of course hearing the baby's heartbeat every week NEVER gets old, but trying to get your pee in the little cup does!  :)

Work Work Work

Well it's official.  My last day at work was on Friday. 

I can't believe the time is here.  I could continue working, but find myself already glad I'm done.  Dealing with strangers coming up to me and grabbing my stomach daily was ridiculous.  And if I had to hear: "Oh, you're still pregnant", "You must be 2 weeks overdue", "You've been pregnant forever", and of course my favorite "Are you sure there's only one in there?"  I would scream.  What is it about a pregnant lady that makes strangers feel like her health is their business??  Blah some people were pretty obnoxious.

Of course my regulars all knew it was my last day and gave me hugs and wished me, Mark, and our little one many healthy blessings.  These were all followed by "You're coming back, right?"  Gotta love all the 40 something men that love me!  :)

I was finished with work and they bought me lunch.  It was nice to know I was loved there, will be missed, and t hat I have an open invitation back.  But it just made me realize that we're that much closer to baby! 

Although we will never be able to stay away from Granite City.  I'd like to go eat brunch this weekend if the babe hasn't arrived yet and of course I'm under strict orders to bring the babe in as soon as I can to meet everybody!

Here's hoping it's not too much longer :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Resting and Relaxing

Mark's parents decided to come to Fargo last weekend.  I of course warned them I wouldn't be doing much since nausea has made it's way back into my life and of course walking is more like waddling at this point.

I spent most of the weekend doing my crossword puzzles in the chair with pillows and blankets while the boys found a few small projects to do around the house.  Deb and I got pedicures Saturday morning and stopped at 2 stores for some shopping, met the boys for lunch since they were finished golfing, then headed back home.  That's when I set up camp for most of the day.  I felt bad not feeling good enough to entertain them, but at the same time I warned them that I wouldn't be doing much!

I made dinner Saturday night and everybody just took it easy.  They left fairly early on Sunday since they had a barbecue to attend back home.  Mark and I bummed around for the rest of the day and Mark basked in the glory of not having to go to work the next day.  Ahh Memorial Day! 

We took advantage of Mark being home the next day and finished getting things organized for the baby.  Even washed bedding and decided it was best to change out our expensive WHITE sheets, down comforter, and duvet cover and put on something a little easier to clean for when the baby comes.  I love my bedding, but don't want it to get ruined within the first few days of having the baby here!

We did a little bit of shopping - just bought some treats and bones for Ruby and checked out a few Memorial Day sales.  It feels good to get out of the house when I'm feeling up to it that's for sure.

Then later we met Wyatt and Karin and their kids for ice cream.  It was a nice treat on a hot day!  And all in all I would say it was a successful three day weekend!  Because in reality, we won't have much time to rest and relax in the near future!

Rubber Duckies!

Wow I've been slacking!

The day after Roman's graduation I had a baby shower thrown by my wonderful aunts.  It was gorgeous.  Everything was yellow and orange and had a rubber duckie theme to it.  So adorable.

Of course the food was awesome - candy corn, lemon heads, cheetos, cheese popcorn, cantaloupe, pineapple, and mango were just the snacks!  There was egg bake and french toast, coffee, lemonade, etc.  So fun!

We played fun games - make baby names out of me and Mark's name, guess the price of all these baby items i.e. The Price Is Right, and at the end we had to try and list all the different kinds of rubber duckies that were sitting out the whole day. 

I officially bombed at all the games, but that's what makes it fun!  I kept everybody's baby names since some were SO creative!  And again we were so blessed that after this shower,  we only had to go and get a baby monitor and some medicine for babies.  We are very blessed!

Of course I don't have pictures of these as Mark had all the bags in the car including the camera.  I know my sister took some so I'm hoping the next time she does a photo bomb upload on facebook that I can snag some and throw them on here later.

But the end of the shower was the weirdest part of all.  I hugged my mom and sister goodbye and all they could talk about was "call me when it's time" and "we'll have to see when we can come up and see the baby."  It didn't make much sense to me until I realized that was the last time I would see my family pregnant!  That the next time we would have our sweet little one.  It kind of threw me for a loop - but a good one at that.  Things got very real for me and Mark and our drive back to Fargo.  This baby is coming soon whether we believe it or not - and we couldn't be more thrilled about it!