Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family is Fun!

Well we are all catching up on sleep around here due to a great weekend of family fun!  Of course Eric wasn't able to join us, but he kept texting us and sending pictures of what he was doing, so at least we could stay in touch!

Emily, Anna, and Roman came to Fargo to hang out and relax and we had a really nice time here!  Beers were consumed (sprite and water for me), the grill was used, the sun was out, snacks were eaten, Mario Party 9 for the Wii was purchased and played,  and many laughs were shared.  Until Duke lost in the first round of March Madness and Emily was pretty mad  :)  Sunday comes way too fast when it means your family  has to leave, but we were exhausted! 

By Sunday night my worst fear had come true - I had a terrible stuffy nose and cough.  I don't feel sick or anything, but my nose is stuffy and sore.  I hate that feeling!  I crashed early and tried to sleep in late a bit yesterday.  Today it's better - and at least I don't have the aches or the chills or a fever.  Ick.

Had another doctor's appointment yesterday!  After some confusion I will be going back in 2 weeks to do my glucose test for gestational diabetes and my RhoGam shot.  It's a nurse only appointment so after the 1 hour glucose test, hopefully I'll be out of there quickly!

Baby measured 2 weeks early again - hopefully this is a great sign!  Heartbeat was strong and in the 140s, and I lost 4 pounds since my last visit.  They mentioned it was odd, but didn't get too much of a lecture.  I'm guessing more protein and fiber for my diet these next few weeks and we'll see if I jump up a bit next time.  I always feel so confident leaving the clinic after hearing a strong heart beat, the doctor being able to feel the baby kick, and measuring ahead of schedule.  It feels so great to know everything is okay right now!

We have been blessed with amazing weather this past week, and I just love waking up to the windows open with a nice crisp air in the room.  It makes you feel so refreshed for the day!  I'm getting excited to be able to spend more and more time outside and maybe finish a few odd and end projects outside the house before baby comes!

Although today I did receive some bad news at work.  It's a really strange story and so sad.  Authorities found a dead male next to some railroad tracks in Glyndon.  It turned out to be a co-worker of mine and people are pretty shaken up.  I keep checking the story online but there haven't been any updates yet.  He was only 27 and I still can't believe it.  I'm sure at work the next few days we will be putting together cards, donations, food, and also trying to make sure everyone is okay.  My prayers go out to his family that they are able to find answers and that Jared is able to Rest In Peace.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bottles, Blankies, and Bath Toys - Oh My!

Here I sit - at home after our crazy busy weekend in the cities.

Friday after I finished working I came home to shower, pack me, pack Ruby, and load up/gas up the Honda.  It was a pretty busy afternoon for me, but I was definitely anxious to get on the road (and grab some supper)  :)

We got to town a little after 9, as usual, and visited for a while while we unpacked and hit the hay.  The next day was going to be busy!

And then it was Saturday!  We were up early to get ready and get to Babies R Us at opening time - 9:30.  I figured the more time I had there in peace and quiet the better, and I definitely had a good idea.  By the time we left, it was a zoo! 

Registering was pretty difficult.  I had my lists,  I had done my research on big ticket items, I had my notes, but I still somehow felt swallowed in the sea of baby stuff.  How do you know what you need and want?  I know we only need the basics, but it's hard to determine the bare essentials from all the fluff fluff stuff they have on the shelves.  Fortunately, the lady who set us up was very fast, knowledgeable, and friendly which was so nice.  She recommended where we start and where finish which was a great piece of advice I followed.  Once Mark and I got into the swing of things, it started to go pretty smoothly.  Just something about watching your husband try and assemble a car seat into a stroller makes you smile!  :)  I had about 5 aisles left and we looked at the time - holy cow!  We had plans to meet my family in Burnsville for lunch since we hadn't seen them since Christmas and we needed to leave in 10 minutes.  We got our speed shoes on, made some quick decisions, turned in our scanner, received our little goody bag, and we were off!  We were halfway finished!

Lunch was delicious - and fun!  I was surprised to see my dad there, I figured he would have been busy in the shop.  But everybody made it, we enjoyed talking about baby stuff, fun stuff, future spring/holiday plans, etc. all over a great lunch.  Mark and I definitely needed the mental break for sure!

After lunch, everyone dispersed into their separate ways.  And Mark and I were off to finished the second half of our registry at Target.  We found a nice big Target right by the restaurant in Burnsville so there we went!

Target was definitely easier - we were basically needed more clothing items, bottles, sippy cups, books, etc.  There wasn't too many people there and we found everything we wanted.  Of course, clothes were a little bit harder so anything that could be gender neutral we picked up and scanned for sure!  After looking at a print out of it all, a few clothing items say "baby boy" on the title on the registry, but hopefully people don't look too much into that.  Who cares if the stars on the onesies are blue?  Seems gender neutral enough for me!

After registering we went back to Mark's parents where me and Mark basically crashed.  We just watched some TV and Deb made dinner.  After we ate, we watched more TV, we played some cards, and we were exhausted!  So was Ruby - she must have had a fun day with her Grandma and Grandpa because she just crashed!

Sunday Deb and I did some shopping and I ended up finding some pretty decent curtains for the nursery for a GREAT price.  I was stoked about it!  So while we got our coffees and found some good sales, the boys were at the auto show in Minneapolis.  They had a nice time too - and Mark has over 100 pictures of cars to prove it!  When they returned we ate a quick lunch, packed up, and hit the road.  We were ready to be home.

The nursery will be put together this week - I'll have to take a few before, during, and after pictures because after we got home and essentially "dumped" the rest of the nursery/baby stuff we bought over the weekend or Deb had for us, it is officially a cluster of crap sitting around and driving me insane.  I definitely want it to look presentable - it will be bare - but presentable since Roman and Anna are coming to Fargo next weekend and they haven't seen ANY part of the nursery yet :)

Baby things feel like they're coming closer!  We have plans for the nursery, registries are finished, showers are being planned, and the kicks and jabs I feel every day just help me remember it's all for a GREAT cause!

But since I have my dinners planned for the week, groceries bought and put away, I do believe it's a snack time for me!  Besides making pasta salad and dinner, my evening plans are going to be minimal since the finale of The Bachelor is on tonight!  Yay junk TV!  Accompanied with some ice cream I would imagine :)

Monday, March 5, 2012


I have a few new addictions since the last post:

Cuddling with Ruby
Admiring the nursery (what's done so far)
Cake Boss on Netflix
Crossword puzzles

That about sums up my life right now!  I think Ruby knows that something is changing.  She always wants to sniff the nursery furniture or be on my lap.  When she's sleeping on my lap, every once in awhile the babe will kick and she'll feel it and jump.  It's pretty cute.  I hope she takes to the babe well and doesn't become jealous!  I also have been feeling sooo awful when we leave her at home.  Ask Mark about the emotional drop off of her at the groomer on Saturday morning.  I was being a definite hormonal pregnant lady...but hey, I'm allowed, right?

The nursery colors with the bedding has just melted my heart.  Mark did such a great job painting and I can tell that when he's putting in new batteries in the smoke detector, or replacing the outlets with safety outlets, he is really trying to take care of his little one.  It's nice that it's time to realize how lucky and blessed we are to be able to have this baby, and to start getting ready for the baby to come!  We found a few additions to the nursery this weekend, but in all the business of life, they haven't even been put away.  Pics to follow - promise promise :)  This weekend we will be traveling to the cities to register for babe!  People seem to be mad that it's taken me this long, but I had to make sure I knew what I wanted!  It will be nice to get out of town for the weekend, have the registries started and completed, and meet my family for lunch.  I haven't seen my parents since Christmas, so I'm pretty stoked about it!

Yogurt Rocks.  I went crazy in Target this weekend.  Their Archer Farms Fat Free Yogurts were on sale.  So I bought 2 of every flavor that they had.  Yum!  And let me just say, the Apple Cobbler flavor is to die for!  I wonder what this babe will end up being - given my huge cravings for yogurt and fresh fruits and juice!

Cake Boss.  Enough said.  Although watching the cake, chocolate, vanilla, icing, sugar, at 24 weeks pregnant isn't the best idea - I don't care!  The things they do are incredible.  I admire not only the baking part, but the small tedious work of the gals who work in the bakery.  Sculpting teacups and saucers out of modeling chocolate doesn't sound like my dream job!

Crosswords!  It takes my mind off of having to pee, registering, the blizzard last week which turned into snow we were used to having, and my need for chocolate.  I did almost 60 puzzles while Mark was gone last week.  It was a great way to take my mind off of everything and I think it will continue to be until the babe comes.  Of course, I'll have to switch out the crosswords for more information on labor in about 8 weeks, but until then you can bet I'll be solving those little clues!

But for this afternoon, Cake Boss is on in the background, Ruby is napping next to me, 2 cups of yogurt sit on  the coffee table, and I have a pencil poking through my ponytail ready to write in my crosswords. And I'm completely okay with this!