Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tummy Ache...

Here I am a few days after Halloween sitting on the couch and eating all the leftover candy.  Yummy for awhile, but I think I see a tummy ache in my near future.

The Nightingale household will be pretty active for the next month or two.  We are currently trying to finish up some miniscule household projects before the holidays, have a wedding to attend in a few weeks, and the most exciting one - hosting Thanksgiving in our home!  Gifts and outfits need to be purchased for the wedding, groceries and goodies need to be bought for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure more than a handful of Menard's trips will also be made in our near future.

But for the night, I think that a few Butterfinger's, Ruby chewing a bone in my lap, my hubby next to me, and a nice cold Fresca will be exactly what I need!